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You have finally landed your first job and are preparing for a long career ahead but do you know that habits that you inculcate in the early part of your career can make a significant potential change to your overall financial health?

Big or small, each rupee in your pay cheque matters (ahem bank transfer – we are in the digital age after all). What you do with the money you earn is as important as the money you earn. Smart people make their money work as hard as they do to earn that money in the first place. Simply put, subtle changes and habits that you carry through your earning days, can determine how financially stable you remain through the course of your lifetime.


Let’s look at some simple ways or Key Financial Habits to build a rock solid foundation for your financial health

Choose your bank wisely

Yes, as cliche as it may sound, the bank that served your parents may or may not be best suited for you and the one chosen by your employer where your salary account was opened, may suit the company’s needs, not yours!

The world around us is changing rapidly and there are fantastic digital banking platforms that can revolutionize your experiences with how you earn, save and spend your money while living your life to the fullest. SaveIN is one such new age digital banking platform that is becoming increasingly popular because of its new age savings accountexperience, stylish and rewarding debit card clubbed with the trust and safety of a traditional bank while offering great interest rates and allied features


Time to manage your own financial health score

You may have heard of the term credit score, which essentially determines how well you discharge your duties towards loans or credit card payments and hence determines your creditworthiness. But would it not be nice to be in charge of not just your credit score but your overall financial health? Welcome to the world of smarter banking, at SaveIN, you can view and monitor your financial health score, that allows you to manage everything about finance including banking, insurance, savings, assets etc and ascribes a score for you to assess your status and help plan your progress.


Start Saving

It is very exciting to indulge once in a while and splurge on things you dream of, but if you can develop a habit of saving before you spend and choose your investments wisely, it can make a huge difference in your overall financial stability and can help you achieve your personal goals much faster than many of your peers


SaveIN is a digital banking platform that offers a smarter digital banking platform aimed at offering simple, secure and rewarding financial products and experiences