SaveIN is India’s first online social finance platform that facilitates lending  to people in the same network, i.e., among friends, family, flat mates, office colleagues, business partners or other acquaintances.

Now giving a loan to your family members and known people becomes super easy. If you are someone who has surplus cash and have been looking at alternate investment classes, then you can easily become a lender on SaveIN in under five minutes, and start earning up to 36% p.a. interest on your money, while lending money to family, friends online that you already know and trust.

Let us look at some popular investment classes and evaluate their pros and cons

making a loan to a family member


Best suited for long term investments, physical gold is not always easy to sell and liquidate

Real estate

Needs high amount of initial capital, liquidity is not easy and requires a long term view


New age, highly volatile alternate investment class. Best suited for  investors with high-risk appetite

Stocks and mutual funds

High risk instruments in general and best suited for long term investments. Needs a fair degree of understanding about stock market and risks

Savings accounts and FDs

Considered Relatively safe but offer low returns. Money kept in bank deposits fetches much lower post tax interest and may be even lower than inflation

This is where you can consider lending money to family, friends, business partners, colleagues and other associates through SaveIN.

As a rule, one can look at investing 10-20% of their investible amount through SaveIN. This will help you diversify your investments, in a low-risk environment, while earning 2X-3X returns as compared to bank FDs.

Once you create your ‘lending profile’ on SaveIN, you can be discovered by prospective borrowers who already know you (those who have your phone number already saved as a contact) and can reach you for short term loans, paying interest as agreed between you and the borrower through the SaveIN platform.

This is a unique form of Peer to peer (P2P) lending and borrowing experience since both lender and borrower are already known to each other unlike traditional peer to peer platforms where lender and borrower are unknown to each other.

Here are the steps to get started on SaveIN as a lender

1. Download the SaveIN app from Google Playstore and Apple App Store
2. Verify your contact information like mobile number
3. Share details like Name as per bank account, your email address
4. Confirm your city of residence
5. Link any of your preferred bank account to your SaveIN account(where you are primary account holder). Do note that name entered in step 4 should be the same as in the linked bank account
6. You are now registered and will see the home page
7. Click on ‘Lend’ on the home page of the app
    a. Choose total amount you wish to lend through SaveIN at a given point in time
    b. Choose maximum amount per loan you wish to lend
    c. Choose your preferred interest rate (this will be displayed to all prospective borrowers in your network and make your job simple while receiving loan requests)
8. With this you are ready to lend through SaveIN and can now receive loan requests from those who know you. Loan transfers can be made seamlessly through any UPI app in your phone, from within the SaveIN platform
9. Do not forget to invite maximum number of people from your phone contact book/network to come and register on SaveIN, to maximize your lending opportunities and associated income!
10. Sit back and relax, while SaveIN helps you grow your money while helping your trusted contacts

Benefits of lending and investing through SaveIN

Automatic reminders to borrowers to facilitate repayments

100% digital and paperless lending process

Discover new borrowers within your own network

Digital record keeping for reference of both lenders and borrowers

Earn cashback and other exciting rewards while expanding your social finance network

lend money to friends online

Discreet and completely private transactions

Ability to charge interest up to 36% p.a. on your loan amount

Instant and secure payments and repayments through UPI

Helps in recording and enhancing your informal credit history

Use SaveIN as your personal loan ‘khaata’ or ledger and never forget loans issued by you

Who knew that lending money to your family and friends will be so easy and hassle free.

So, download SaveIN and create your lending profile now and start earning handsome returns.

Also if your family, friends or close people ask you for a loan next time, just send them a referral link and ask them to send you a request via SaveIN and transact worry free!