How to earn Rewards while transacting on SaveIN

SaveIN is India’s first social led neo-banking platform that facilitates lending & borrowing money across people in the same network, i.e., among friends, family, flat mates, office colleagues, business partners or other acquaintances.

While lending & borrowing money on SaveIN you can also earn attractive cash rewards each time you transact as a lender or a borrower.

Transact and earn…

One stands to earn cash rewards at each step of SaveIN journey. Following are the key categories to earn up to INR 6000 in cash rewards, each time you transact on SaveIN

Category Maximum cash reward per loan Maximum total cash reward
Issue a new loan INR 50 INR 1500
Borrow money INR 50 INR 1000
Repay on time INR 50 INR 1500
Refer and earn INR 50 INR 2000

Maximize opportunities to lend and borrow


if someone in your network asks you for a loan, send them an invitation to Download SaveIN and ask them to send a loan request to earn interest up to 36% p.a. and cashback


Next time you need a loan from someone in your social contacts, send the request via SaveIN, to ensure fair and transparent loan terms and automatic record keeping. Earn cashback while borrowing and transacting via SaveIN also helps you create an alternate credit history

Grow your SaveIN network by inviting people from your contact groups and enhance opportunities to lend and borrow money while also earning handsome rewards at each stage

*T&C apply The rewards & offers at SaveIN are subject to change without any prior intimation, for more information refer to our Terms of Use section.